Intel hits android tablet markets with 40 million intel chips inside!

Relative to the last year’s forecast, Intel, this year, is going to impact the android tablet market 4 times; stronger than ever before.

Intel based Asus Android Tablet.

Krzanich illustrated:

There are 80/90 percent Android tablets in the market and the rest are Windows.

There has been alot of discussion (during the intel ‘first-quarter earnings’ conference on tuesday) about “Contra-revenue”. (To make customers use Intel chips with subsidiary)

Price Range:

The majority is in $125 to $250 range.

Also, all the major tablet manufacturers will be able to release Intel Inside Tablets (using Broadwell chips) by the end of this year. Stay focussed!

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Google Spark, A Web Based Development Tool Built Upon Dart 1.0

Google is currently actively working on its chrome based web app for browser based development environment; code named ‘SPARK’. You can find latest updates at google spark github repository.
Spark is an Integrated Development Environment(IDE), which will be used by Chrome App Developers for in-browser development of chrome applications. This is however, a beginning for a new era of chrome web app development, as stated by Francois Beaufort. He has been monitoring this project closely at Google.

Yet, this is still the very beginning. There’s not much we can do for now.
I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one though.

Francois Beaufort

Spark is built upon DART and Polymer
Dart leader Lars Bak speaking at Google I/O 2013
“The Dart is done”, said Google Dart Lead at Google I/O 2013. Dart 1.0 is currently available for use with Google Chrome. Other 2 lead browser makers(Mozilla, Microsoft), however, neither care for nor support this programming language yet. Google is on its way, however, trying to convince other browser makers to add support for this new language. Dart has been designed to improve user experience and performance for websites and web apps.

The Graphical User Interface(GUI) for Spark has been developed using the GUI Widgets library powered by ‘Polymer’. The Spark project is being built using scalable web app engineering technologies and hence, it goes beyond user expectations.
Support for Other Browsers:
Since other web browsers do not support this newly developed Dart Programming Language yet, Google has found an alternative for this. The Dart developers can use a utility: ‘dart2js’, to convert their scripts written in Dart language to javascript. This javascript code will run on all browsers with javascript enabled (the problem, thus vanishes!). This utility will resolve compatibility issues in other browsers until some support is found. We strongly believe that Dart will prove its worth over Javascript soon, enabling development and user experience efficient for websites and web apps.
Want to Learn More?
If you’re interested in the current releases of DART(1.0), SPARK or Polymer, you can use these links to download and experience the opensource language and libraries (free of cost).

Have you already tried some latest release of DART, SPARK or Polymer? Tell us about your experience!

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Google’s $80 Million Investment in Solar Panels in California, Arizona

Since Google has joined the other world in their drive towards green energy solutions, this is a second initiative; generating clean electricity to power ~17,000 US homes. The capital for this project is a partnership between:

And the project is again contracted with Recurrent Energy (

17.5 MWac/22 MWp Victor Phelan project, located in San Bernardino, California.
Google is now trying to drive all its data centers with clean electricity solutions. They are now focussed on renewable energy rather than old traditional technologies which are soon(if not sooner) going to end up, giving way to an all new future of renewable resources.
Similar to google’s last investment in 2011($94 Million), in which google acquired 4 Solar facilities, developed by Recurrent. Google in now heading forward, adding 6 more facilities to its energy resources.

Solar Panels at one of the Recurrent projects

These investments are all part of our drive toward a clean energy future — where renewable energy is abundant, accessible and affordable.

Google Head of Corporate Finance Kojo Ako-Asare

It is not only Google, but also some other web providers and also social networking site Facebook is heading towards renewable solutions; investing in wind powered station in Lowa.

Difference Between and

It has always been a great deal for newbies in the Internet Domain asking: “How To Start?”
Here You go! You have come to the right place to find out what you require and what is not required yet.

Get in the Competition:

WordPress has always been a great platform for publishing as well as Content Management Systems (CMS). It is also now gaining reputation as the plugin developers at wordpress and the Automattic is funding this organization even more and getting it in the Ecommerce competition.
Identify Your Requirements:

The main and the foremost objective being a developer or a blogger is that you must identify your requirements first. It was the first thing I did when I wanted to start my first website.

I would not ask for lengthy estimations or even calculations; provided you are a starter in this field.

  1. If you are a starter(like I was, when I wanted to have my first website), you will need to have an overview of How Many visitors you are going to have on this platform. It can be any number between (0-Unlimited); but you must have some rough idea of your visitors.
  2. Are you a Professional/Starter?

    • If you’re a Professional, with some great business around the market, having a self-hosted website i.e.,, will add value to your business and will act like a great communication platform amongst you and your customers.
    • If you’re a Starter, wanting to share your views, visits and experiences with your family and others, a free blogging platform (like will work like a charm for you.
What are we WORRIED ABOUT?

This was the point where I was myself much confused about a good startup. I had to go through dozens of articles to find out the right place for me. Here are some of the points I was ignorant about:

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a factor that drives much of the traffic to your website. However, this feature is available in every free blogging platform. Since, we cannot use custom plugins in a wordpress[dot]com website, they are optimized by itself.
  2. Themes, especially custom themes are not allowed in blog. We are provided with hundreds of free themes in our Dashboard already, so, we can choose any of them to use on our website. However, using Widgets and custom HTML in our pages, we can somehow customize the blog interface according to our requirements.
  3. Everything you could wish for will be available to you in a free wordpress[dot]com blog. However, there are some limitations according to the TOS(Terms of Service) of varying due to security and user agreement issues.

If you’re a Starter, you are not required to worry about these things as we can overcome them later by using self-hosted[] or using our dedicated servers for our valued visitors and customers. vs

CostFreeDepends on your Hosting Providers
ThemesFree(No Code Customization)Fully Customizable
Website ControlLimited(read TOS)Full Control
UpgradationAuto(By Manual(User Dependent)
PluginsNot Allowed(read TOS)Allowed(usage at your will)
BackupAutoManual(User Dependent)
SSL(Security)Auto(Pre-provided)Manual(User Dependent)

As you can see in the above comparison chart, wordpress[dot]com is providing us with more ease to focus on the content we want to blog. Everything is being managed by the hosting company itself, leaving almost zero pressure on the website owner. Moreover, you have to pay nothing for a free wordpress[dot]com domain and hosting. So, you can also test and sharpen your skills at this platform.
What I would recommend is:

If you are a startup blogger and passionate about your success, you should take start at some free platform(like I did!), and after you learn enough skills and expertise and get your hands on it, go for some self hosted websites.

I hope that you are now clear about the difference between and a website. If you still want to know more, you can contact me through our Contact Us page, or email me with your queries. I assure you, I reply to all my visitors. 🙂

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