Google’s $80 Million Investment in Solar Panels in California, Arizona

Since Google has joined the other world in their drive towards green energy solutions, this is a second initiative; generating clean electricity to power ~17,000 US homes. The capital for this project is a partnership between:

And the project is again contracted with Recurrent Energy (

17.5 MWac/22 MWp Victor Phelan project, located in San Bernardino, California.
Google is now trying to drive all its data centers with clean electricity solutions. They are now focussed on renewable energy rather than old traditional technologies which are soon(if not sooner) going to end up, giving way to an all new future of renewable resources.
Similar to google’s last investment in 2011($94 Million), in which google acquired 4 Solar facilities, developed by Recurrent. Google in now heading forward, adding 6 more facilities to its energy resources.

Solar Panels at one of the Recurrent projects

These investments are all part of our drive toward a clean energy future — where renewable energy is abundant, accessible and affordable.

Google Head of Corporate Finance Kojo Ako-Asare

It is not only Google, but also some other web providers and also social networking site Facebook is heading towards renewable solutions; investing in wind powered station in Lowa.

2 thoughts on “Google’s $80 Million Investment in Solar Panels in California, Arizona

  1. This is not very new as Google had earlier this year declared that it is investing $1bn in renewable energy portfolio through Google Earth. Google had $200m equity stake in the Spinning Spur Wind Project in Texas in Feb 2013 and 96MW solar PV project in South Africa to power its Data centre.

    The Spinning Spur Wind Project generates 161MW of energy, enough to power more than 60,000 US homes. So this was a very big step by Google. Many MNCs are joining the club of renewable energy till the fall of 2015.

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