Google Spark, A Web Based Development Tool Built Upon Dart 1.0

Google is currently actively working on its chrome based web app for browser based development environment; code named ‘SPARK’. You can find latest updates at google spark github repository.
Spark is an Integrated Development Environment(IDE), which will be used by Chrome App Developers for in-browser development of chrome applications. This is however, a beginning for a new era of chrome web app development, as stated by Francois Beaufort. He has been monitoring this project closely at Google.

Yet, this is still the very beginning. There’s not much we can do for now.
I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one though.

Francois Beaufort

Spark is built upon DART and Polymer
Dart leader Lars Bak speaking at Google I/O 2013
“The Dart is done”, said Google Dart Lead at Google I/O 2013. Dart 1.0 is currently available for use with Google Chrome. Other 2 lead browser makers(Mozilla, Microsoft), however, neither care for nor support this programming language yet. Google is on its way, however, trying to convince other browser makers to add support for this new language. Dart has been designed to improve user experience and performance for websites and web apps.

The Graphical User Interface(GUI) for Spark has been developed using the GUI Widgets library powered by ‘Polymer’. The Spark project is being built using scalable web app engineering technologies and hence, it goes beyond user expectations.
Support for Other Browsers:
Since other web browsers do not support this newly developed Dart Programming Language yet, Google has found an alternative for this. The Dart developers can use a utility: ‘dart2js’, to convert their scripts written in Dart language to javascript. This javascript code will run on all browsers with javascript enabled (the problem, thus vanishes!). This utility will resolve compatibility issues in other browsers until some support is found. We strongly believe that Dart will prove its worth over Javascript soon, enabling development and user experience efficient for websites and web apps.
Want to Learn More?
If you’re interested in the current releases of DART(1.0), SPARK or Polymer, you can use these links to download and experience the opensource language and libraries (free of cost).

Have you already tried some latest release of DART, SPARK or Polymer? Tell us about your experience!

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